Talking Video Games w/ Ricky

In this 3-part series, Ricky and I talk about our love for video games and some new, upcoming games as well as give our personal opinions on a few different consoles. We do all of this while providing some comical relief and of course, musical relief. Tune in by clicking the links below!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Sprint Nightmare – My Opinions on the Company

I am pretty fed up with Sprint, who is an “American telecommunications holding company [who] provides wireless services and is a major global Internet carrier” [Wikipedia]. I have been let down countless times by their staff, and I am about sick of their bad service and bad attitudes. Listen to my podcast below for the whole story.

  (24 minutes 10 seconds)

Exam Week

Hello everyone out there!

First and foremost: Yes, I know I haven’t blogged since the beginning of this month. Thanks to @MsDjHoodie, my blog has seen some activity. However, I am back, and ready to blog.

This week is proving to be a tough one for me so far. If you aren’t aware (and you most likely are not), this is a short week for me. We go to school Monday through Wednesday, with an early release on Wednesday at 1:00pm. The whole week consists of exams every day. Sounds really bad, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

Today I have already taken my exam for my Microsoft Office class, as well as part 1 of my lab exam. The lab exam was a bit challenging, leaving the multiple choice part out. The part that was most challenging was writing a 90-second script about anything I wanted, and including a title page, story board (hand written), and screen plays of all of the scenes. We also had to have at least 4 different characters, 5 different settings, and use 15 videography terms – all in one paper. I had no idea we would have to do something like that, and our lab teacher never told us about it. Let’s just say, I wasn’t happy when he gave us the news.

The next exam I’m scheduled to take today is my Algebra II exam. I feel confident that I’ll get a B-. Math isn’t my best subject in school, and never has been. However, we do get to use our notes from previous chapters on the exam, so I feel that will help a lot.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is going to be the day from hell. I have two exams (Science & History) in a row, study time, lunch, more study time, and then an English exam. I am not worried about Science at all, as I have studied like a dog for the past few days. Science comes to me naturally for the most part. I am extremely worried about the History exam, however. Normally I wouldn’t be worried about History, but this year I am. You see, my history teacher has a very different way of teaching than most. Rather than recalling vocabulary words and writing about a prompt, she wants us to recall multiple names, dates, and charters all in one shebang. Her method of teaching does not match my learning type. I can’t blame her at all, as it’s not her fault. I can’t blame myself, either. I have studied for that exam to the point that looking at the  material makes me cringe. Problem? I think so.

Lastly, I have English. English has always been easy for me. I love the English language, and all of  its caveats.  While our language can be very confusing, I still see it as the most loving, and descriptive language in the world. We have the ability to actually spell out the thoughts in our minds exactly how we think them on paper, where other languages like Spanish, are very orderly and cannot be bent to how you want them. The English exam should be a piece of cake. However, I can’t let it screw me over, either. I have also studied all I possibly can for that class.

Lastly, I have Wednesday. As far as I know, Wednesday doesn’t have any exams scheduled, unless my lab teacher decides to keep giving us exams after exams. In that case, the day will be ruined. If I have no exams that day, it will be a simple lab block/celebration from 8:05am to 1:00pm, and then early dismissal. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Harper – Take Me Back (Music)

Me & Clay absolutely luv the tv show iCarly and I told him that I downloaded one of the tracks that was performed on the show by a guy whose name was “Harper”. Now, I dont know if this is his real name or if it was just the characters name in which he played but I absolutely luv this song and I dedicate it to my baby bro. This ones for you Clay 😉