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A Response to my Facebook Friend’s Wall Post

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I would like to say a big thanks to my friend Elizabeth W. on Facebook. You can see a copy of what she posted and a link to her profile below:

Elizabeth’s Facebook

“Why does it matter what gender people like? Love is love and happiness is happiness. Believe me, I believe in God. And I aware in the bible that it says that a man should not lay in bed with a man as he would a woman. I know that’s in the bible, I have seen it. I have read it. Do I agree with it? Not at all. People don’t chose to be attracted to the same sex. Think about it. Think of a celebrity right now who you find very attractive. Okay, why do you think they’re attractive? You didn’t tell yourself “be attracted”. No, you simply are. They are appealing to the naked eye. It’s eye candy. When you see something you like, you like it. You want it. That isn’t really a decision you make. One thing I hate the most though, is when people frown upon gay couples. Or they have “homophobia”. Well guess what. “Homophobia” is gay. It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. You’re afraid of someone because they are the same sex as you, and like the same sex as you. Since when does that mean they like it? It doesn’t. Since when does that mean they’re going to hit on you and try to get with you or even find you attractive? It doesn’t. It’s the same as anyone else liking you or finding you attractive. They find you attractive. That is that. That doesn’t mean they like you. That doesn’t mean they’re going to check you out when you’re peeing in the urinal or when you’re changing in the locker room. Believe it or not, gay people want to be with other gay people. Gay people are happy with who they want to be with. They love who they love. You can’t control your heart. Yeah, people say that love comes from the brain. But right now, think or something you love. Think of someone you love. Now think about stop loving that forever. You can’t. It’s beyond their power. If someone is gay, accept it. They aren’t going to bite you. They’re just like you and I, they only are attracted to different things. They are still humans. They still have feelings. You think they want to get made fun of? No, no one wants that. Let people be happy and be with who they love. I think altogether that is what is truly right. Not to be with someone you aren’t attracted to and you don’t love, only because the law says you have to be with the opposite sex. Love and happiness are more important. The end.” -Elizabeth W.