Good Luck, Alabamiemamie!

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I have known Laura for many years. We met on, a site which was shut down in 2010. Our friendship has seen its rough times, but we have always came back together because we love each other and share a connection. My dear friend has faced addiction problems for a long time and it has really made her life rough. She has made the decision to go to a rehabilitation center for treatment and be cured of her addiction. I am so happy for her and I cannot contain how proud I am of her.

Your friends love you and support you, and we KNOW you can do this! Good luck, AlabamieMamie!

RockMelt ft. AlabamieMamie (Laura)

I came across a new browser called RockMelt, thanks to a friend on Facebook, that is similar to Google Chrome. Not only does it offer all of the wonderful features that Google Chrome does, but it also offers Facebook chat and notification integration, as well as a customizeable App Bar that gives you one-click notifications about popular websites like Youtube and Facebook. Despite a few very minor caveats, RockMelt is a browser meant for the ultimate couch potato.

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Thanks again to Laura for blogging with me on such short notice!

Google+, w/ Claytech feat. Alabamiemamie

In this voice blog, Laura (a.k.a. Alabamiemamie) and I discuss the pros and cons of Google+, as well as some features we’d like to see implemented and changed.

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