My Experience with Corporate America (Rant)

After working for corporate America, I have finally figured out the issue it has. Click below to hear my podcast!


Hmmm, AT&T Did Something To My Phone


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I have a Galaxy S3, and my carrier is AT&T. Last Thursday, the phone was persistently and annoyingly nagging me about a new (and apparently significant) update.

I was on travel and didn’t want to upgrade my phone in the airport, so I kept canceling the update. I let it update in the hotel that evening.

Some of the phone pages changed. But one thing that is apparent is that my battery life has dropped significantly. I could usually rely on the phone to go from 100% charged down to 40% or so after a day of use, but the past couple days, it has plummeted south of 20% (today, by 1545). So something Ma Bell has done isn’t good.

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Five Tech Essentials Every Business Should Have Katerina Roemer

Very informative and also good advice for any business.


When investing in new technology for your business, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what is essential, what would be nice to have and what can be left off the list. As different systems can help boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace, it is important to make the distinction between what your business needs and what can wait. To help in making these decisions, here are a few technologies that no business should be without:

This is an easy one. If every employee in your business is not equipped with at least a desktop computer to work from, there is a fatal flaw within the organization. However, many workplaces are also investing in mobile technology for their employees. As an increasing number of companies allow individuals to work from home or from other locations, these devices have become paramount to mobile workforce success. ZDNet contributor Heather Clancy advises utilizing tablet computers

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Google’s Pro-Gay Doodle Features Olympic Athletes

Reasons why I love Google. 🙂

(CNN) — Google has made a bold statement against discrimination on its home page.

The search giant’s rainbow Olympic-themed logo, posted to mark the first day of the Sochi Winter Games, sends a powerful message of support for not only gay athletes competing in the games, but for the gay community at large and its supporters.

The company often changes its logo to reflect current events or to mark significant anniversaries. The latest “Google doodle” features images of athletes involved in Winter Olympic events, against a backdrop colored like the rainbow flag, the adopted symbol of the movement for gay rights.

Unlike the current iteration, Google doodles usually conform to the company logo’s color scheme.

Under the search bar, the company quotes the Olympic Charter, which promises all athletes the right to practice sport.

“The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing…

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My Hosting Services Will be Down


Hello followers!

I have some bad news. After August 31st, most, if not all of my voice blogs will not be able to be played here on my blog., where I host all of my MP3s, is moving to a new “improved” website called With this new service, direct hot-linking will not be an option for several months while they develop it, and even after it is completed, they will be charging a service fee for it; a quite hefty one at that. So as you can see, this is a huge problem for me.

Rest assured, I am in the process of finding another hosting company that allows hot-linking to move my content over to. I am hoping to have this done by the deadline of August 31st, however due to limitations I might not be able to do so. Please do not be alarmed if the voice portion of my blogs become broken and not playable.

Thank you for understanding. If anyone knows of a hosting service that allows hot-linking, PLEASE let me know in the comments or via Facebook.

Thanks again,