MsDjHoodie & Claytech: Craigslist Hoookups [EXPLICIT]

MsDjHoodie puts eggrolls in her mouth.

Curious about the eggroll? Don’t bother for it is an inside joke to MsDjHoodie & I that perhaps we may fill you guys in on a future private voice blog. In this blog we discuss Craigslist Hookups within these terms: Men seeking Men, Women seeking Women, ect., + MOARRR!!!

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MsDjHoodie & Claytech Series: Big People (Supposedly) Unable to Perform Sex [Explicit]

In this post, MsDjHoodie and I go over what people ASSUME about us big people when it comes to size and sex. We’re making it clear as to what people’s negative opinions are when it comes to big people making love. Have a listen and feel free to sign in to comment. 🙂

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MsDjHoodie’s Podcast | December 12, 2011

Yes Clay! Shame on me for not posting anything in your neck of the woods. My bad. I’m only posting this here because I got something special in it for you so you better listen up! ❤ ya baby bro!

Here are the questions:

1. Do you think people should post their personal situations on social networks?
2. Really, how do you feel when you see someone talking to themselves? Insanity or bluetooth?
3. Ladies, do you feel weird freshening up in front of other women in the ladies room?

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Harper – Take Me Back (Music)

Me & Clay absolutely luv the tv show iCarly and I told him that I downloaded one of the tracks that was performed on the show by a guy whose name was “Harper”. Now, I dont know if this is his real name or if it was just the characters name in which he played but I absolutely luv this song and I dedicate it to my baby bro. This ones for you Clay 😉