Good Luck, Alabamiemamie!

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I have known Laura for many years. We met on, a site which was shut down in 2010. Our friendship has seen its rough times, but we have always came back together because we love each other and share a connection. My dear friend has faced addiction problems for a long time and it has really made her life rough. She has made the decision to go to a rehabilitation center for treatment and be cured of her addiction. I am so happy for her and I cannot contain how proud I am of her.

Your friends love you and support you, and we KNOW you can do this! Good luck, AlabamieMamie!


How I Personally Deal with Drama

Occasionally, I come across individuals who like to cause drama in my life. I have a way to deal with drama that has worked for me for months now and I want to share it with the rest of you.

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