How I Personally Deal with Drama

Occasionally, I come across individuals who like to cause drama in my life. I have a way to deal with drama that has worked for me for months now and I want to share it with the rest of you.

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MsDjHoodie & Claytech: Craigslist Hoookups [EXPLICIT]

MsDjHoodie puts eggrolls in her mouth.

Curious about the eggroll? Don’t bother for it is an inside joke to MsDjHoodie & I that perhaps we may fill you guys in on a future private voice blog. In this blog we discuss Craigslist Hookups within these terms: Men seeking Men, Women seeking Women, ect., + MOARRR!!!

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MsDjHoodie & Claytech Series: Big People (Supposedly) Unable to Perform Sex [Explicit]

In this post, MsDjHoodie and I go over what people ASSUME about us big people when it comes to size and sex. We’re making it clear as to what people’s negative opinions are when it comes to big people making love. Have a listen and feel free to sign in to comment. 🙂

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RockMelt ft. AlabamieMamie (Laura)

I came across a new browser called RockMelt, thanks to a friend on Facebook, that is similar to Google Chrome. Not only does it offer all of the wonderful features that Google Chrome does, but it also offers Facebook chat and notification integration, as well as a customizeable App Bar that gives you one-click notifications about popular websites like Youtube and Facebook. Despite a few very minor caveats, RockMelt is a browser meant for the ultimate couch potato.

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Thanks again to Laura for blogging with me on such short notice!

Google+, w/ Claytech feat. Alabamiemamie

In this voice blog, Laura (a.k.a. Alabamiemamie) and I discuss the pros and cons of Google+, as well as some features we’d like to see implemented and changed.

Google+ Logo

MsDjHoodie & ClayTech – Let’s Do Something Random Pt. I

In the shower w/ Clayton Pt. 1

Uh-Oh! Audie’s Choking On a Pickle! Pt. 2

We’re Demonic Pt. 3

Audie’s A Man’s Best Friend Pt. 4

Traditional or the American Way Pt. 5
(Clayton discussing the background and pronunciation of his full name)

Learn MsDjHoodie’s Language Pt. 6

ClayTech Gives MsDjHoodie a Middle Name Pt. 7

If Snapvine Were a Board Game Pt. 8

Stay Tuned for Part 2!