Pokemon Go is RUINING Geocaching!


As I’m sure all of you know, Pokemon Go has taken the internet by storm since it was released early in July. Personally, I have never seen any type of game or app take the world by storm like Pokemon Go has.

Truthfully, I do understand why everyone is raging over the game. People my age (17-26) will remember back to their elementary school days of playing the card game. They would play Pokemon for hours, ignoring teachers and other authority figures, often getting in trouble. For hours they would trade cards and play this goofy kid game and thoroughly enjoy it. Pokemon was life. Fast forward to today, the old card game has mostly died out due to kids living in a totally different world. Why play a boring old card game when you can play Angry Birds on your iPad for hours? Heck, you could even play Call of Duty on your Xbox! Card games are out!

I must admit, I never played Pokemon back in those days. I honestly never “got into” it and never learned to enjoy the game. Call me boring if you want to, I just didn’t see (and still do not) the fun in it. So when Pokemon Go came out last month, I found myself instantly annoyed by it all.

Soon, my whole Facebook feed was taken over by Pokemon this and Pokemon that. I couldn’t scroll past two posts without something related to Pokemon showing up. It all became extremely annoying for me and I ended up taking a break from many forms of social media. After about a week or so, I began to have a change of heart. I made the decision to download Pokemon Go. Upon downloading the app, it asked me to log in with my Google account and set up a player. The problem is, I ended up setting my account up at least four times because the game would log me out every time I exited the app. On top of the account issue, the servers also had severe performance issues and I couldn’t load into the game half of the time. Already, my Pokemon Go experience wasn’t quite up to par with others.

Being the tech geek I am, I decided to give Niantic the benefit of the doubt. Pokemon Go was a huge release and gained a huge following all at once. I’m sure they didn’t anticipate such large demand. With this being said, I am still very disappointed with the game and the developers. There are still severe performance issues with the app almost a month later and they are only just now releasing an update. To me, it appears that the developers of the game are doing a very poor job. Despite these performance issues, users continue to play Pokemon Go. Why they do this is beyond me, but I must admit that I do not understand it.

I am still enraged with the whole Pokemon franchise because of Pokemon Go. However, I have a deeper underlying problem with it. Pokemon Go is slowly making it more difficult to hunt for geocaches. If you aren’t aware of what a geocache is, let me break it down for you. At the simplest form, geocaching is “the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden objects by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website” (watchfit.com). The type of geocaching I enjoy involves using an app (much like Pokemon Go) and navigating to a set of coordinates to find a cache. Caches can be different sizes such as micro caches or traditional ammo boxes.

The problem I am facing is ignorant Pokemon Go players. I have encountered them walking around like mindless zombies, absolutely glued to their phones catching virtual figments of their imaginations. Some of these people do not pay attention to where they are going, they do not care about property boundaries, and they have recently been vandalizing personal property. There has been so much uproar over Pokemon Go players that some churches have requested to be removed from the game, and more and more cemeteries have also posted signs banning users from using all GPS-enabled games on their property. The churches and cemeteries are not alone, either. Old Wellington Mall in Palm Beach, Florida has banned Pokemon Go because “the mall has had several problems with young Pokemon Go players […] riding bicycles and skateboards inside, throwing food and walking without paying attention, [and] bumping into other customers” (mypalmbeachpost.com).

I guess I am angry at Pokemon Go players, not the game. While it has its technical issues, the problem I have with the whole Pokemon franchise is the players. For all of you Pokemon Go players out there; learn some respect, follow the law, and stop being stupid! A little bit of common sense can go a long way. Finally, enjoy playing the game safely. There is no reason to be ignorant. Stop acting like punks and start acting like a respectable human being. When you break the law by playing Pokemon Go, you’re making it worse for those who actually follow the rules. Pokemon Go and geocachers can get along and these two activities can live together in harmony; it just takes some cooperation.


My Hosting Services Will be Down


Hello followers!

I have some bad news. After August 31st, most, if not all of my voice blogs will not be able to be played here on my blog. Fileden.com, where I host all of my MP3s, is moving to a new “improved” website called CX.com. With this new service, direct hot-linking will not be an option for several months while they develop it, and even after it is completed, they will be charging a service fee for it; a quite hefty one at that. So as you can see, this is a huge problem for me.

Rest assured, I am in the process of finding another hosting company that allows hot-linking to move my content over to. I am hoping to have this done by the deadline of August 31st, however due to limitations I might not be able to do so. Please do not be alarmed if the voice portion of my blogs become broken and not playable.

Thank you for understanding. If anyone knows of a hosting service that allows hot-linking, PLEASE let me know in the comments or via Facebook.

Thanks again,



Well, I haven’t written a blog like this in a while. Since I can’t do a regular podcast, this is the next best thing. Tonight I have been thinking about things. Perhaps I have been thinking too much, but at this point in time,  I have to get my feelings out there.

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I take pride in the things that I do. At school, I maintain an A/B average and am always on my best behavior as not to disturb other students in the learning process. At home, I help my parents run a business by answering phone calls, emails, maintaining websites, and making sure our office equipment such as computers is running smoothly. This is something I don’t think one would find a normal teenager doing. It is my dream to go to college and succeed and get a degree in Business Administration and minor in Web Design. I am very close to making this dream a reality. I graduate high school on May 30th, 2013. This date is about four months away as of the current date. I am determined to get good grades for the rest of the year and graduate with pride at both of my graduations. (For those of you who don’t know; I am currently enrolled in a career school where you learn a trade – I am in Media & Video Production at said school.) My first graduation is not really a graduation per se. It is more a recognition of completing your Junior and Senior years at the career school. My actual graduation is the later date I mentioned above. However, my last day of school will be May 10th and I will have to wait until the 30th. Currently, I maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3/4.0, which isn’t too hateful in my opinion. I am ranked 17/77 in my class at my home school (the school I went to before the career school from Kindergarten to Sophomore year). So, I don’t consider myself a failure by any means.

The reason I am going into all of this is because it seems as if I am looked upon by my parents as a failure and someone who is going to go out and make bad decisions. Yes, all of us make bad decisions. I’ve made some pretty terrible ones as of this current date. I have been yelled at for not applying for scholarships, when I have applied for 15+ scholarships already, my car has been taken away from me, and I am basically locked down until I graduate. This happened because for one night I wanted to go out with my friends and have some fun. I took my two friends (who will be referred to as) R and A to have some fun. We went to the movies, we went to Walmart and shopped, and we had some fun for one night. Well, this was apparently unacceptable to my mother, whom gave me a huge lecture about how I am ruining my life by being around them and that they are going to get me in trouble. She also went into saying that they distracted my driving and that I was going to text and drive and all of this stupid crap. I can tell you right now that I don’t do any of those things. We had fun, talked, and had the radio on at a moderate level. We were as safe and I was as much in control as possible. For some reason, my mom seems to think that I was going to get into a wreck. Fine, I guess I won’t be hanging with my friends even once a year.

A couple of days go by, and it is a Tuesday and I step off of my bus at my home school to drive home. I decided to drive right up the street to see my friend (who will be referred to as) J at her local business to have a short chat with her before I went home. We talked for about half an hour. The night before, I had not charged my phone because I forgot to. All the crap my mom was putting me through caused me to forget to charge my phone. And for those of you that have iPhones, you will know that they are awesome phones, but they need 100% charge in the morning or they will drain in less than a day. That’s exactly what happened, too. My phone was dead. Now that I think about it, I probably should have went straight home, or even called my mother from J’s phone at her shop. I didn’t think about doing that, though. That was a mistake on my part. But really, when you think about it, what danger could I have been in? Our school bus could have broken down on the highway, but they would have been notified of that immediately. My car could have not started or I have gotten in a wreck on the way home (which is 3 miles), but they would have found out about that soon, too. The point is, not much could have happened.

The next thing I know, the door alarm at J’s shop goes off, and she yells “I’ll be right out!” I ask her if she wants me to get it since I had worked for her in the past in the front selling her products, and I went ahead and started to walk to the front. Guess whose lovely face greeted me? You guessed it; my mother’s. She was extremely angry and her first sentence was “give me your f*cking keys now.” Of course, I was sitting there with my jaw dropped, surprised that she would bring our problems into the public like this, and surprised at the fact that she would show so much disrespect towards J and her business. Being a business owner herself, my mother would not have appreciated this in her place of business. My mom also said that she tried to call up there to J’s store to find me because she thought I would be there. Not once did that phone ring. She accused us of ignoring her phone calls, and that never happened. (Later on, I got access to my mom’s mobile phone and looked at her outbound calls from that day and J’s number was nowhere to be found; so my mom lied to us.) The point is, my mom was there and completely chewed me out, and not wanting to make a scene in front of possible customers, I told my mother to leave the shop and go home. Before she left, she managed to yell “I hope J is going to take care of you because I’m done with your shit!” This angered J, which it rightfully should have. My mom had no business saying that to her. It is unacceptable.

So there I was with no car, no cell phone, and dead in the water. All I could do was cry in front of J. (I would just like to tell J now that I am very thankful for our friendship. Without her, I wouldn’t have gotten past these speed bumps in my life.) This was the worst experience in my life to date, and I was in awe of my mother’s carelessness. Here I am made the bad guy, which is the point of my writing all of this. I have been made to look like the bad guy so many times by my parents. I do my best and my work shows it, but yet somehow, I still get the tail end of things. Now I have no car and basically spend my day stuck at home answering phone calls all day to the night. My daily schedule consists of the following:

5:30AM – Wake up

6:30AM – Catch first bus to go to home school

7:20AM – Board bus to go to career school

8:05AM – 2:30PM – School

2:35 – Board bus to home school

3:00 – Arrive at home school, wait half an hour

3:30 – Ride Elementary bus home

3:45 – Arrive home

4:00 – 8:00 – Work for business while doing my homework at the same time


This is my daily schedule now. It is like this thanks to my mother and her stupid antics. I am so sick of being misunderstood and told that I am not going to go anywhere in life when I obviously am trying to go somewhere in life. All of this crap has caused me to resort back to my old ways, and I promised myself I would never go back to them. Oh well, I guess that’s another reason to be the Most Hated person as of now. Check out the song that is attached to this post. I think it is pretty much the story of my life at the moment.

With that, I bid you all a great rest of your week, and may the Earth’s positive energy be with you!


SONG: Most Hated by Davina


Be Yourself

Good day, everyone! I know it’s not often that I do a blog like this, but I am suffering from a bad head cold due to allergies that just doesn’t seem to want to go away. My voice is very negatively impacted by my being sick, and I sometimes lose it all together, so I cannot do my regular podcasts as I usually do.

Nonetheless, I have a need to blog about something that has been coming up lately in my life. I have always struggled coming to terms with my life and what it has put in front of me, and I often wonder how I have made it this far in life without giving up. The people around you can be so negative sometimes, and it’s discouraging. Not only can they be negative, but they can also put their negativity against you and shoot you down. This may sound cliché, but I have been called so many terrible things and treated so bad lately that it makes me wonder if there are still any good people left in this world. And then I realize that I have my friends that accept me for who I am, and it all is better. But the point I’m trying to get at is this; yes, you are going to be put down sometime in your life. There are people out there whose sole purpose is to put you down and make you feel like you are lower than the dirt in which they tread on. But listen to me when I say that the person on the other side of my computer screen is beautiful. You are truly a beautiful being. You are an original…there is no one out there that is a copy of you.

The people who hurt you see that you are different and they don’t like it, but they won’t matter in a few years. Those are the people that you will be in charge of in life; you’ll be their boss. Why? Because their feeble minds that only know how to spout complete rubbish will only get them so far, if anywhere at all. It’s your differences that make you stand out from the crowd, and it’s your differences that people like me love, and it’s those differences that make you an original. Don’t try to conform to what someone else expects of you because that is completely detrimental to who you truly are. I said it before and I’ll say it again: your differences from others, your uniqueness; that is what will ultimately matter later on in life, and that is what attracts people to you. Why waste it by trying to conform?

Remember that I am always here to lend a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. If you don’t know me, I would love to meet you and see what you have to say. All you have to do is go to the “Contact” page on this blog site and click the link to my Facebook page. Add me and send me a message saying that you read this post so I know to reply to you. If I know you, well then you should know that I’m here for you and always will be. It may sound all sappy and sentimental now, but when you are under the clouds, we all need someone to talk to. I hope to be your someone.

Stay safe and stay happy!


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde


Crazy Lady Strikes!

My family’s business rents out dumpsters to people. This particular job was in town and we had to set one dumpster in front of an empty lot to move the full one out. Then we have to set the full dumpster somewhere, move the new dumpster to the old location, and then pick up the full dumpster. A lady came out of a house near the empty lot and was not happy at all. Then, she called our office. She better be happy that I wasn’t here to answer the phone. LOL!

Take a Moment and Care

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Exam Week

Hello everyone out there!

First and foremost: Yes, I know I haven’t blogged since the beginning of this month. Thanks to @MsDjHoodie, my blog has seen some activity. However, I am back, and ready to blog.

This week is proving to be a tough one for me so far. If you aren’t aware (and you most likely are not), this is a short week for me. We go to school Monday through Wednesday, with an early release on Wednesday at 1:00pm. The whole week consists of exams every day. Sounds really bad, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

Today I have already taken my exam for my Microsoft Office class, as well as part 1 of my lab exam. The lab exam was a bit challenging, leaving the multiple choice part out. The part that was most challenging was writing a 90-second script about anything I wanted, and including a title page, story board (hand written), and screen plays of all of the scenes. We also had to have at least 4 different characters, 5 different settings, and use 15 videography terms – all in one paper. I had no idea we would have to do something like that, and our lab teacher never told us about it. Let’s just say, I wasn’t happy when he gave us the news.

The next exam I’m scheduled to take today is my Algebra II exam. I feel confident that I’ll get a B-. Math isn’t my best subject in school, and never has been. However, we do get to use our notes from previous chapters on the exam, so I feel that will help a lot.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is going to be the day from hell. I have two exams (Science & History) in a row, study time, lunch, more study time, and then an English exam. I am not worried about Science at all, as I have studied like a dog for the past few days. Science comes to me naturally for the most part. I am extremely worried about the History exam, however. Normally I wouldn’t be worried about History, but this year I am. You see, my history teacher has a very different way of teaching than most. Rather than recalling vocabulary words and writing about a prompt, she wants us to recall multiple names, dates, and charters all in one shebang. Her method of teaching does not match my learning type. I can’t blame her at all, as it’s not her fault. I can’t blame myself, either. I have studied for that exam to the point that looking at the  material makes me cringe. Problem? I think so.

Lastly, I have English. English has always been easy for me. I love the English language, and all of  its caveats.  While our language can be very confusing, I still see it as the most loving, and descriptive language in the world. We have the ability to actually spell out the thoughts in our minds exactly how we think them on paper, where other languages like Spanish, are very orderly and cannot be bent to how you want them. The English exam should be a piece of cake. However, I can’t let it screw me over, either. I have also studied all I possibly can for that class.

Lastly, I have Wednesday. As far as I know, Wednesday doesn’t have any exams scheduled, unless my lab teacher decides to keep giving us exams after exams. In that case, the day will be ruined. If I have no exams that day, it will be a simple lab block/celebration from 8:05am to 1:00pm, and then early dismissal. Let’s hope it stays that way.

First Post on iOS App

Hey everyone. I am sitting here writing a post on my iPod touch. it’s a little challenging, but I’m getting the hang of it. Anyway, sorry for not blogging much. I have been busy and haven’t had time. But, I have a bunch of ideas written down, and I plan on blogging soon on a weekend when I’m not busy. So, keep in touch and check back often, as I am going to post more stuff soon.