My Hosting Services Will be Down


Hello followers!

I have some bad news. After August 31st, most, if not all of my voice blogs will not be able to be played here on my blog., where I host all of my MP3s, is moving to a new “improved” website called With this new service, direct hot-linking will not be an option for several months while they develop it, and even after it is completed, they will be charging a service fee for it; a quite hefty one at that. So as you can see, this is a huge problem for me.

Rest assured, I am in the process of finding another hosting company that allows hot-linking to move my content over to. I am hoping to have this done by the deadline of August 31st, however due to limitations I might not be able to do so. Please do not be alarmed if the voice portion of my blogs become broken and not playable.

Thank you for understanding. If anyone knows of a hosting service that allows hot-linking, PLEASE let me know in the comments or via Facebook.

Thanks again,



3 thoughts on “My Hosting Services Will be Down

  1. Man, Fileden has been good to me since 2007. But it quit servicing me for the past 1.5 years. Even creating a new account, they refused. I read up on it and people were saying its beginning to be a spam to others now. I ‘was’ going to purchase premium, but why should I when I still had room on my first account. I won’t mind paying for any price, just as long as they keep up the services, keep my files available to me and my listenera, and most of all; NOT GO UNDER! Nice post!

    • I’m beyond pissed about this. I have noticed the spam on their site lately, as well. I had to add a new rule to my adblock to block certain parts of their site because it redirected you to a virus site if you accidentally clicked on it. I wouldn’t be so upset about this if they at least moved my files over to the new website. But they are not doing that, and they are basically forcing you to buy something. That pisses me off. Now I have to upload all of my files to a new site and fix ALL of the links on my blog. That’s not even taking into account my almost dial-up upload speeds. This is going to be a shitty process for me all around, and I’m not happy. I even tweeted @FileDen about it I was so mad. Nice way to leave your users in the dark without a flashlight. Assholes.

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