The Ohio State Patrol Can Kiss My Ass! (Language Warning)

Before you listen to this post, let me warn you that there is a lot of bad language used…just FYI.

Maneuverability Diagram:
Maneuverability Test Diagram


7 thoughts on “The Ohio State Patrol Can Kiss My Ass! (Language Warning)

  1. You have a reason to complain but driving is a privilege that we earn and young inexperienced drivers aren’t aware of how dangerous that a vehicle can be. I am sure you will do fine next week. You are right about the money on the permit. THAT’S BULLSHIT! Yeah there should be an extension on your permit. And why wasn’t you allowed to take your driving test in the driving school? That’s how they do it here. Sorry Clayton. 😦

    • Idk why I had to approve this. I’ll have to check that out. Anyway, you used a phrase up there that kind of gets under my skin, to be honest. You are very correct when you say that young drivers aren’t aware of the dangers of driving. BUT, what you have failed to note is that some actually are, and are more grown than others. You made a generalized statement, and I had to correct it. ♥

      I hope I do fine next week, Laura. I am so annoyed by this whole thing. It has left me very discouraged. As far as the money goes, the government expects money to fly out of our asses sometimes. They are so caught up on protocol that they fail to recognize an individual’s situation… they just follow protocols…which is a severe issue with today’s world.

      Here in Ohio, you have to take 24 hours of driving school and 8 hours have to be with an instructor. I did all of that for two weeks, 3 hours a night, Mon-Thu, plus the extra 8 hours on weekends. Once you do that, you take a written exam the last day of class, and you pass the course. THEN, they give you a certificate of completion that you then take to an exam station. There is where the government steps in. Driving school is just the middle man.

      Ohio is a big fuck up, Laura. What else can I say? lol. Thanks for your input, Mamie.

      Clayton x

      • Hey Clayton. You are right there are alot of teens who ARE careful and I do believe that you are one of those people who takes more precautions and is a hell of alot more responsible, you have really shown me that in the time I have known you. I didn’t mean to imply that you were one of those that didn’t. But unfortunately, the bad actions and irresponsible decisions of a few causes everyone to have it rough. That’s why insurance is so freakin’ high for teenage drivers. Anyways, just chill out and wait till next week, then walk in the DMV and SHOW DAT BITCH WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF!! LOL
        Love ya Clayton and Break Dat Bitches Leg next week!! hehe

      • Sorry if I went off on you a bit…it was late and I was a little pissy. lol. But don’t get me started on the insurance, sexist idiots. It pisses me off that girls are less because they are “less of a liability” than guys are. And who are the dumb bitches that go down the road texting? Girls. Guys may be reckless, but girls are just as bad. And IDK about breaking HER leg, she was a pretty big girl. *shudder* 😉

  2. Hey Clay! Its your big sista here; and I just want to tell you that, when things come to shit like this, dont give up. Most people arent into giving chances. Like this bitch who cant seem to find the buckle to her seat belt; in my eyes, thats an automatic fail right there. And I would not doubt for one minute that if she was the one test driving your friends, that it was HER fault that caused them to wreck their shit because your friends couldnt see who was coming at’em from HER side. People dont see that it comes both ways and that their mind has limitations. Just because she test drives her students that just happen to all be the same age, she’s gun flunk all of them. Believe it or not, people do think this way. You are very:

    1. Smart
    2. You know right from wrong.
    3. You have manners and you use them regularly.
    4. You consider others.
    5. You pay attention to what and who is around you.
    6. You are careful.

    And the list goes on. People arent always going to see that about you. And when they do, they dont want to acknowledge it. I know you calmed the hell down now and that what Im saying might just bring a cheesy smile to your face but I just want you to know this. I ❤ u bro! And I dont like people fucking with you either, but I also know that you can take care of yourself. Dont you ever change! -MsDjHoodie (Audie)

    • This woman was just being a low class bitch because her life is miserable…she had to take it out on someone. I’m still pissed about the whole thing, but I just can’t let it bug me. I was surprised how I kept my cool in front of her. I wanted to rip into her stupid ass right there, but she would have just thrown a bitch fit. You know how I am, Audie. My anger gets the best of me. Luckily, I kept a lid on it for the first time in my life. If she would have said something wrong, I would have went off. Thank god she was somewhat smart and watched what she said.

      Thank you for your kind words. I was breezing right through this whole getting my license thing, and I’ve hit a series of speed bumps. It has me very discouraged, and that is what’s holding me back from trying it again. I just don’t think I can mentally do it, Audie.

      Thanks again for your words. Much love,

      Clayton x

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