Why I Dropped Out of my Trip to Europe

[Reposted from claytech.tumblr.com]

So it’s obvious I’m a big person, right? Well, the organization that I was flying with had us buy an extra seat on the plane. They told us it would be $400.

A few days later, we logged onto the website to view our bill, and it was listed as $1400! I emailed my delegation leader, whose name will go unknown for legal reasons (right now), and asked him if $1400 sounded palpable for an extra seat. Let me add, no one else thought it was right. Not even a leader from another delegation that is a teacher at my school thought it was right! My delegation leader was the only one who thought it was right, which stuck out like a sore thumb. Then, he sent me an email basically saying I’m dying because of my weight. It was a horribly worded email and totally unprofessional of a person in his status to say to anyone, let alone a 16 year old.

We basically caused an uproar at the organization’s corporate offices in Washington about it all, which, he then knew who forwarded that email to them (yours truly). So we were afraid that he would treat me like crap in Europe because we’ve started stuff at the corporate office. I nor my mother wanted me to get over there and have to come home early because I was being ganged up on by some big-mouthed professor. Not only that, but we would then be out over $7000 at that point. We later figured out that he had a contact at the corporate that jacked my price up to $1400 because they knew we couldn’t afford it. They did that to weed us out.

We decided to withdraw from the program and save ourselves the struggle. I truly feel screwed out of an opportunity to see the world (or a part of it). The whole situation makes me damn sick considering it was an adult that was acting totally unprofessional. The whole thing was discrimination at its worst, and what’s sicker is that the corporate didn’t do jack squat about him. They just made it “hush hush,” which really infuriates me.

When it comes down to it, we could have, and still can if we want to, sue the heck out of that organization for discrimination, because that’s what it is. However, we decided to let it go and move on. But it still makes me sick to this day to think that that guy has it in for people that are overweight. I can hardly grasp the concept.

So yes, I am no longer going to Europe. I put so much into this whole thing for it to be just yanked out from under me. Completely screwed up.

If anyone wants a copy of his email with his info pulled out of it, please email me at claytech@frontier.com or message me on Facebook and ask for it, and I’ll provide the link.


4 thoughts on “Why I Dropped Out of my Trip to Europe

  1. This shit was the most fucked up bullshit I have ever seen within a school system! Someone needs to be reprimanded for the shit! What the hell do they mean by discriminating against you like this only because of your size? If it was me, I would have this man job and stop at nothing to get it!

  2. I know, Laura. It’s really messed up. It wasn’t in my school, it was in an organization outside of school, though. Still, he is a professor and still should be held up to his title, and what he did was bullshit.

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